Asian handicap Sports betting tips and strategies

October 31st, 2016

What is Asian handicap -0.5?

Asian handicap -0.5 is a form of gambling, which has become very common in Asia (hence the name Asian Handicap). You likely to have heard about Asian Handicap from the name Hang Cheng as well.

Handicap means that a team has achieved a virtual head beginning, effectively leading the game with 1/2 parlay, 1/4 parlay, 3/4 parlay, 1 parlay, 1 1/4 parlay and so on.

As you gamble with Asian Handicap, the possibility for a jackpot in a game is removed. Only home and away win exist. As the game finishes in a draw, you will get your deposit back. There are probably some confusing terminology, for example half-handicap (1/2 parlay), and quarter handicap (1/4 parlay). We will explain this thoroughly in this paper.

Asian Handicap, something interesting for you?

Asian Handicap is absolutely something for you ! We are all familiar with fixed odds gambling. It has been, and still is the “normal” way of gambling.

However, with Asian Sports gambling, there is a much better opportunity of profit, because of the reality that you get your deposit back (or at least parts of it, basing on the gamble), as a draw happens. In fixed odds gambling, you would lose your money as you gamble on something else than the actual result. You can gamble on teams which you absolutely do not belive will win the tournament, but because of the handicap, your team may still bring you with a benefit !

Asian Handicap gambling brings much more excitement, as one single target can take you from heaven to hell as well.

In general, you raise your mathematical opportunity of winning on a single gamble from 33.3% (fixed odds gambling), to 50% (spending Asian Handicap, in spite of basing on the handicap).

What is required ? And where do I Sports gambling?

The worst thing by Asian gamble, in my opinion, is the rather complex strategy of figuring out the return. Of course, you will get used to it after a while, however, it is a requirement to check with the tables displaying the available returns.  

You will need an account with companies serving Asian Handicap as well. Not all bookmakers offer Asian gamble. Try opening account with gambling for a beginning. Gambling is a recognised Malaysia Handicap bookmaker. Also the more recognised bookmakers provide Asian Handicap, and you shouls absolutely open an account with the likes of Malaysia, Interwetten as well as Gamebookers.

Result calculation graph

The graph below is achieved by our partner, Globetting. Information in this article comes from partners Bethelp as well. Read their excellent articles about Asian gamble as well.

The graph shows your winnings for provided results at a given gamble. As you can see, you will get half your deposit back, and lose only half your deposit as there is a 1/4, 3/4, 1 1/4  handicap as well. As a straight gamble (0:0, 0:1, or 1:0) results in a game ending with a jackpot, then you will get your deposit back, because of the fact that it is a “no gamble” situation.

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