More about highway king slot

August 24th, 2016

More about highway king slot game

Highway King slot free download is a traffic themed slot game created by Play tech program supplier. The new as well as alluring slot game will serve you the chance to win great jackpots in a several number of potential payouts. So are you brave yourself to play this surprising slot game which will make you closer to the wealth. The slot is accessible at Malaysia online casino.

What is this Highway king about?

Highway King slot free download consists of 5 rounds and 9 pay lines. In this slot, there are some signals appearing the rounds of this game such as spark plug, steering wheel and other engine staples. The wild signal of this slot game is the Red Truck. In circumstance that you try to collect 5 of them on the just 1 pay line as playing the max gambling, you will get a prize worth more than 10,000 coin jackpot.


One other thing that you have to know about Highway King slot free download is that you can be capable of play for plenty number of deposit, along with coin sizes beginning from $0.01 each pay line.


When I talked above, Highway King slot free download is an astonishing video slot game machine, and it contains some main following features. First, it is a traffic-themed slot machine with 5 rounds along with 9 pay lines. Second, its scatter signal will be an exhaust and its wild signal will be a red truck. Thirdly, additional signals can trigger an additional round. Lastly, expanding wilds can replace for all of the signal, apart from the scatter signal.

Bonus Game in Highway King Slot

The additional round in the Highway King slot free download has 2 levels. So as to start, you need to choose one truck from 3 trucks accessible; so that you can be aware of the reality that the number of free turn you have gain. These trucks will race with each other. Then, you will be capable of being shown with a multiplier that bases on the position where you finish the race. After this race, the free turns that you get will be displayed. Furthermore, you are capable of winning more free turns even in the free turns round. Lastly, Highway King slot free download has an additional game called Dollar Ball. This additional game will give you the high opportunity of winning a progressive jackpot. You are capable of triggering this extra game at any time by clicking the Enable button. Next, you will be shown with a list of numbers from 1 to 49. Just like a lotto game, you have to pick 5 out of 49 numbers. Spend random option by clicking the Random Pick button or simply select numbers by clicking on them. As the Dollar Ball extra game is triggered, a gamble is made whenever you play the main slot. The numbers that you select will be stable unless you go and change them. Lastly, in circumstance you match 1 to 3 numbers for a fixed winning, next you also get the opportunity to gain the winning of the progressive jackpot.

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