Do not be an action junkie in the Sportsbook betting lines

October 27th, 2016

There should be no such thing as a funny sports gambling – the only funny gambling is one that wins you a heap of money. Do not gamble for an ‘interest’ in a race or a soccer match just because of the fact that your team is playing. It is one of the biggest matters punters get into trying to win every race or over – gambling for the dopamine release into your brain. Like being a junkie, it is a short-term rush and the longer-term results are an emptier gambling bank and a feeling of deflation so neglect these Twitter Tipsters that are so prevalent recently asking you to post your slip or gamble for Yankees, Lucky-15’s every day. Ask if they gamble all these strategies they give out, there is a reason why they do not record their results and plug affiliate links constantly, they simply want you to lose so they earn 23% commission off your cumulative losses. It is challenging enough to find one winner let alone 4 and the bookies will oftentimes welcome your custom. One way to absolutely tell as you are a losing action junkie is whether you still actually have a gambling account that accepts your gambles.

Record your gambles – all of them

It is important to your long-term success to record all your gambles, all of them and every avaolable information you can about them, whether the horse was a favourite, the odds, the race sorts, the trainer, the jockey and so on. The reason why is that patterns in your sports gambling reveal themselves over time. You will see the type of gambles you are not so good at, whether you gamble the same trainer or jockey regardless of the horses opportunities, whether you are rubbish at 2 maiden races (like me!) and just absolutely where your concentration should be. This allows you to plug the leaks in your gambling and improve a much better strategy as referred above and falls in with that of not being lazy as well. Record your results and analyse them carefully.

Think and make a strategy in the long – term period for the sportsbook betting lines

Someone’s sitting in the shade today since someone planted a tree a long time ago.

Most punters are searching for a quick-fix, have a closed mind, are lazy and want strategies spoon-fed to them but the main problem is that they have a very short-term mindset. I can pretty much tell which type of gamblers someone will be within my first few interactions with them. As they have a run of bad results over a week or even a period then they will look to blame anyone but themselves instead of adapting the long-term mindset and the capability to examine their results which comes back to the previous step. What is short-term? Well some likely to consider it a few weeks, some a few months, some a season, very few consider a year and 3+ years but that is how it should be viewed. As you go for a job interview, if you are not a contractor, you do not ask how much the weekly or monthly salary is and so on you are excited in the annual wage and that is how you should view your gambling at least over a year.

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